Proactive full stack developer that enjoys building web applications with 7 years of experience with Ruby / Ruby on Rails (3.2 - 6.0) and 14 years overall writing commercial software. Knowledgeable in RESTful & APIs, OOP, good code quality, Javascript, Testing / TDD, RDBMS & SQL, and almost 3 years of experience creating SPA with Vue.js (2.x). Always eager to learn new technologies like Golang, Kotlin, SEO, DevOps, microservices architecture and more.

Work experience

Lead software engineer at Rails Systems S.A. 2015 to present

  • Led the development of AgilPedido, an e-commerce platform to close sales via WhatsApp that we launched to help restaurants, bars and stores to sell via delivery and takeaway for the COVID situation. The SaaS platform is available on Latinoamerica and Spain.
  • In charge of the team that adds new features and keeps bugs out of AgilGestión, an ERP and digital invoicing solution that 500 small and medium business use every day in Argentina.
  • Created the architectural design of our products and chosen the technical stack also developed the most complex features of our applications.
  • Setup the development process and the required infrastructure tools (Gitlab CE with CI).
  • Created multiple Rails / Sinatra applications that are used in-house (integrations with payment processors, metrics, mailing, etc).
  • I did the technical hires and was in charge of the interview process. I mentor other junior members of the team while pair programming.
  • Provisioned with Ansible and Capistrano the infrastructure needed to run our applications: nginx, Puma, Rails apps servers, Sidekiq, Postgresql, Redis and Monit among others.
  • Performed Rails versions migrations on some of our applications starting from version 3.2.x and Ruby 1.9.3.

Independent software developer 2009 to 2015

  • In 2012 I created Impuestos, a still selling desktop application for accountants that supports invoice processing and tax calculations and runs on MS-Windows. The architecture of Impuestos uses to a good extent domain-driven-design with Entities, Factories and Repositories objects.
  • Later, in 2013 I've started to develop and sell AgilGestión, an ERP SaaS in the cloud for a small and medium business that integrates with AFIP digital invoicing web services. Back then I've switched from desktop development to center mostly on backend web development and from being a Windows to a Linux advocate.

Technical support & Junior developer at VissiSoft 2004 to 2009

  • I've made my first steps working as technical support staff, installing and troubleshooting accounting software.
  • In 2004 I've developed a desktop system (Delphi 5 + Interbase) to help an association of physicians with payments and taxes calculations to send to health insurance companies (this system was in production for 12 years).
  • In 2006 I've developed Contabilidad (Delphi 7 + FirebirdSQL), a desktop application that accountants use for double-entry bookkeeping and reports. This application is still being sold with a SaaS model.


National University Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Systems Engineer bachelor's degree

Independent remote contractor

As a non-US citizen that will be performing work outside of the US, is perfectly legal to hire me as an independent contractor without a work permit. A signed W8-BEN form will be provided if requested.

A benefit for both parties is that the U.S. company doesn't need to pay or withhold the FICA contributions like Social Security and Medicare that can be as high of % 15,3 of the gross pay (IRS Source). Also, there is no need to fill W-2 or 1099 IRS forms:

“As a general rule, wages earned by nonresident aliens for services performed outside of the United States for any employer are foreign source income and therefore are not subject to reporting and withholding of U.S. federal income tax.” (IRS source)

I can also provide an invoice from a US-based LLC company for my services, that will be paid directly to a linked US Bank account.